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Bell - Viagra Awards

What is the Ding a Ling and Viagra Awards About?


Fremont HOG has a tradition to deal with a couple of circumstances that are peculiar to our sport.

The first is the Viagra Award-this is awarded to anyone who has been in a precarious position that would have forced a less fortunate rider to FALL DOWN.  We feel that anyone was able “TO KEEP IT UP” should receive a little recognition.

The Ding a Ling Award is given when a Fremont Rider lays his or hers bike down for any reason he or she receives a bell to ward off any other road demons that may be trying to throw them off balance again. The rider keeps the bell attached to the bike for the remainder of the riding season.

Remember Fremont members it is “YOUR DUTY” to report a fall or a save to either Barb VanBogelen  as soon as possible

Email us your stories

(No matter whom that person may be).

Ride Safe

So the next time you see an award recipient ask to hear the story,

some are very interesting

2012 Viagra Award Winners

2012 Bell Award Winners
















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